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Govt must reconsider its budget allocation to ZARI – Mumba

DZIWA Science & Technology DSaT executive director Veronica Mwaba says experts should be supported to develop improved crop varieties and modern technologies to enhance food security. Mumba said media reports suggesting that Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI) is appealing for more funding from government to develop climate resilient crops should

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D-SaT Courts Researchers

Dziwa Science and Technology D-SaT says Zambia should engage local scientists to take a lead in research findings that are not yet known and also have an effective collaboration to find solutions towards poverty alleviation among vulnerable populations if the country is to become a middle income country by 2030.

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Zambia: Veronica Mwaba – Promoting Science Communication

By Jowit Saluseki Science communication plays an increasingly important role in promoting a better understanding of issues facing our lives, thereby stimulating wise and timely action. Despite its relevancy in today's world there is less enthusiasm among stakeholders to promote science communication.

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Help Simplify Science, Luo Prods Media

THE media should help simplify complex scientific terminologies and inform the public in a language they can understand to show the benefits of science and engineering, says Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo. Professor Luo said there was need for an aggressive media campaign aimed at introducing interactive programmes to educate

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Dr Jere gives his address at the DZIWA Science and Technology Media Launch

Dr Jere gives his address at the DZIWA Science and Technology media launch