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who we are

Dziwa Science And Technology Trust

Established on 26 January 2018, DSaT Trust aims to promote improved and information dissemination especially in the field of Science and Technology. Our essential building block is premised on the desire to advance a viable and robust link between Science and Technology and the end user through effective science communication and advocacy. The organisation notes that the media play an essential role in the communications outreach. However, matters of science and technology are not given sufficient space because they are not considered to be human interest stories or are generally perceived as complex subject.


We advocate science and technology in Agriculture


We advocate science and technology in Health


We advocate science and technology in Education


Why Science Communication

Science has transformed the world; the role of science communication can therefore not be over emphasized.
The central element of this communication is to provide the audience with accurate yet simplified information upon which decisions could be based especially that people find scientific concepts challenging to comprehend. For example, explaining scientific terms is complex and at times it is difficult for non-scientist to acknowledge why the issues in science and technology are significant.

It is important that the public be better informed so that they can be competent participants in this science communication interaction.
There is need for people to be able to understand the basics of science and technology to enable them make informed decisions and also in some instances help them translate how science impacts their day to day lives, As a result, an enhanced platform that impacts the various mass communication avenues is required for specialists to explain to the public to be aware about science and technology, its strengths and weaknesses.

Inspire Youths

Our Objectives

Advocate with Government and all other relevant stakeholders on the promotion of science and technology and communicate this to the public

Encourage traditional media expositions such as; features, documentaries, reports, discussions etc. on science and technologies
Promote social media engagements and interaction such; Webinars, Short Message Service (SMS), blogs, twitters and wikis, podcasts etc.
Coverage of technology events and promoting stand out project such as junior Engineering Technology and Science (JETS) events

Gender Inequalities In Science And Technology

Gender inequalities in science and technology, Research shows that the presence of women in the fields of science and technology remains considerably lower than that of men.

DSaT Trust aims to introduce programs that will highlight the advances in sciences and technology that will further inspire women and girls to participate in science. This will be done chiefly through: Advocacy with stakeholders willing to support this cause Innovations such as awards for girl and women achievers in science and technology Creation of girl specific Science symposiums.


We advocate science and technology in Engineering


We advocate science and technology in Innovation


We advocate science and technology in Information and Communication Technology

Veronica Mwaba (Founder & ED)

With 15 years of very active experience in media, public relations and communications, Veronica has distinguished herself as a Media and Public Relations Specialist whose work has always spoken of very high standards and distinct professionalism. These 15 years come on the back of six (6) years in active administrative work with both private sector, national and international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) performing at high level in challenging assignments. Her administrative experience has given her a profound sense of good organisation and many international conferences have benefited from her keen sense of organisation. Today armed with a triple major – Master of Arts in Media Studies, Communication and Public Relations, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations Cavendish University Zambia, she is a determined warrior on the side of science and technology. Her passion is science communication and advocacy that ultimately benefits the community. Her goal is to make that visible change in the way we report and deal with science issues in the media and impact positive development. In her own words………’I intend to grow my expertise in science advocacy and make positive contribution in effective communication” ……….and she believes Dziwa is the vehicle that will make her achieve this.