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…..invest in investigative journalism despite it being expensive, for it brings out real issues – Ms. Mwaba
By Scope Reporter
Dziwa Science & Technology Trust (DSaT) has observed that investigative journalism is an expensive undertaking and that few media houses venture into it.
Ms. Mwaba noted that investigative journalism has been identified as a major gap in media development to promote independence, quality and innovation.
She stated that research shows that media entities are not keen to commit adequate resources to journalism investigations as they did before and that science journalism is no exception.
“Why should Zambia Government support science communication? The new dawn government is looking forward to accelerate change towards a better life for all Zambians,” she disclosed.
Ms. Mwaba said that there is need to invest in science journalism towards economic recovery post COVID-19 pandemic, as society needs verified information to assist them make informed life decisions on medical care, food choices, and application of modern technologies in the day-to-day business among others.
She revealed that different approaches are utilised to reach target audience therefore, accurate and timely information is critical in the developmental agenda.
She observed that Public Private Partnership (PPP) for media development is key.
Ms. Mwaba has since called upon Information and Media Ministry (MIM), Science and Technology to take a lead in the coordination of key stakeholders willing to provide resources to support the work of independent journalists with brilliant ideas but lack resources to do their work.
She advised that deliberate space should be created for diversity and inclusion to allow reporters compete for grants.
“Therefore, PPPs should be involved in media platforms that integrates communication with a new vision to build support for evidence-based science. Access to resources will enable distinct journalists the independence to produce high-quality and unbiased stories,” she revealed.
Ms. Mwaba disclosed that the policy makers, civil society and ordinary citizens among others will be impacted with knowledge to make positive contributions that accelerate progress towards socio-economic development.
Scope : 07 – 05 – 2022.

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