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Vaccines Not A New Occurrence In The World, Says Mwaba

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DZIWA Science and Technology Trust (DsaT) says Zambian scientists should compete for space and educate the masses to believe in science.

Executive director Veronica Mwaba said it was saddening to note the surge of COVID-19 cases that continue to devastate humans in the world and that Zambia was no exception.

Mwaba welcomed the development of vaccines to curb the COVID-19 pandemic and called upon the Zambian government through the Ministry of Health to adequately sensitise society on the benefits of vaccinations to curb the pandemic.

“Therefore, sensitisation should be carefully structured, tracked and measured to inform the next steps to introduce COVID-19 vaccines as it is rolled out. Public engagement is critical. An early survey by the Ministry of Health could help to concretely establish the public’s thoughts about the vaccine, the exact fears they have and what they suggest to be done before the vaccinations begin,” he said. “Vaccines are not a new occurrence in the world. Humans and livestock have been vaccinated before and health experts continue to do so to save lives. While we welcome the new development, the Ministry of Health should note that inoculations could be rejected if society does not have adequate information from credible sources.”

She said today, with the advent of modern technologies, the irresponsible use of social media and credible sources of information could fuel rejection of the vaccine.

Mwaba said it was important to note that local knowledge was critical.

“Therefore, Zambian scientists should compete for space and educate the masses to believe in the science,” said Mwaba.


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